Delonghi – The Undisputed Kings Of The Mass Market Coffee Machine

As we all know, Delonghi have been around for ages. It’s probably fair to say that in terms of kitchen gadgetry, they’re one of the biggest success stories out there. No-one shows off to their mates that they chose a Delonghi machine ahead of something more flash, but most people own a Delonghi product at some point in their lives, and there are very few companies that can table that claim.

You only need to take a look at the likes of Amazon and Currys to see how successful they really are. Customers write glowing comments about their latest purchase, with the Delonghi ESAM4200 review sitting at the top with a #1 best seller rating badge next to it on the Amazon web site. No-one’s suggesting they’ve done a brain wash level marketing job on their customers like Apple have managed, but it’s as rare to see complaints about their range of bean to cup machines as it is to see someone boasting about them in the pub. We all know that people love to complain a lot more than they give praise, so the Delonghi team are clearly doing something right.delonghinumber1

The simple fact of the matter is just that, simplicity. The company’s Magnifica range allow people to walk into a high street store, or buy one online, and the moment they have it in their kitchen, take it out of the box and get started. They’ve even tried to avoid confusing people by giving different names for different colours of the same machine (the black version of the ESAM 4200 is the Magnifica 4000.b – b for black, clever, eh?) There’s no messing about with tools and filters, you can just get going in seconds (well, OK, a few minutes perhaps). Anyone with half a brain can work their products, and in many cases it’s just a case of putting in the coffee beans, filling the water tank, plugging in, switching on and pressing a single button to select the type of coffee you’re after. It’s hard to see how it can be made any simpler really!

You’re not going to get the best cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted from one of these machines, if that was the case then Starbucks and Costa would really be in trouble. What it does do though, is give you a very satisfying cup first thing in the morning which really makes a difference to getting us going. While some people will be forever happy with a jar of instant coffee granules first thing in the morning, many of us are now ready for a little more, and the price is now low enough for most of us to afford, and saving a few pounds a day buying a coffee on the way to work will cover that cost in no time!